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Fan Yuanyuan (Italian)
Release Time: 2016-2-25 14:09:19

Translation Experience:
He was involved in the second "Italy · Italy in Guangzhou in my eyes," Essay Contest Winners selected number of essays translated, this selected works by the Italian Consulate General in Guangzhou organized and published as a journal;
ZWSOFT company for the Italian translation of the website information;
Is an investment company translated information about steel;
For a person living in the Italian translation of the Chinese sale of housing;
Long-term cooperation with the private agency, following a mechanical manual translation work (such as chip machine, exercise bike, etc.).
Translation Co., Ltd. in Nanjing institutions serving Italian translation, translation certificate, certificates, study materials and other accumulated four million words.
Interpreting experience:
Italy several times as accompanied by interpreters to accompany customers to play Guangzhou;
Italian customers to participate in Canton Fair, do interpreter (bags);
Italian wine-producing areas involved in Bulu Nai fall tour, the venue to do the translation;
Vittorio Ventura as a designer for the interpreter (men's shoes).
As an Italian architectural firm of translation, the company responsible for the construction documents translation and interpreting work for the Italian people (such as translation and Ningguo Municipal Government talks with the Chinese leadership talks Translation seventeen smelting, etc.).
Participate in international master Dialogue Forum held in Nanjing Hilton Hotel for the Italian minimalist master Mr. Mauro Lipparini live speech as a translator

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