Step 1: Project Initiation
    Project start-up period for the project's initial establishment phase. Customer project needs, including the use of tools, delivery time and format requirements. Project managers fully understand the customer's requirements and determine the project scope, the content of the work, effort, and time of submission statistics for free and submit quotes and implementation plan. After the client sends formal approval of the purchase order.
Step 2: Project Preparation
    The project manager and project team to prepare project preparation package. Including glossary, project description and requirements, tools and settings version requirements, quality checklist, special customer requirements and implementation schedule, etc., if necessary, arrangements for training required for the project members. The project manager also at this stage to fully anticipate potential problems and propose possible solutions situation for customers to choose, in order to avoid accidents.
Step 3: TEP Process (TEP: translation, proofreading and review)
    By the professional language translators for translation, translators need to have a professional background in related fields. In this process, the project requires members to submit periodic reports and regular meetings to discuss issues, in order to solve problems and share information. Proofreaders check the translation against the original text content, accuracy, grammar, spelling and style errors in translation modifications, and the tool automatically records content, so the quality of translators quantitatively assessed by translation quality assurance, quality report for the project summary and follow-up training.
Step 4: Quality Assurance (QA)
     We have independent quality assurance (QA) processes, QA personnel randomly selected 20% -30% of the content from the translation to evaluate and review files. Translation Quality Assessment in accordance with project requirements and our internal quality standards.
End of the project: Step 5
     QA project members and project managers held a wrap-up session, the quality control checklist, item by item on the various aspects of the project for final approval, to ensure that all requirements of customers are able to meet all documentation meets the quality standards. Finally, the project manager by the method agreed with the customer to deliver the final document to the customer.
Step 6: Project Summary
     Project manager and QA manager on the performance of project quality and project members internal evaluation. The project manager maintains translation memories and glossaries, to prepare for the next version of the update, back up all files.
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