Excellent people are the key translation quality translation services, translation institutions take the form of screening talents, ensure that you provide the best quality of service.

1. widely available: university cooperation to build a base for learning Master Translation Translation and Peking University's School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai International Studies University, Dalian University of Foreign Studies, Foreign Languages, Southeast University, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University of Foreign Languages Institute, etc., directed to nurture talent.

2. carefully selected: learning to translate all candidates, regardless of their translation experience, professional background, unified field timed tests, the test candidates language skills, after scoring the review group; at the same time again for candidates of different professional backgrounds arranged accordingly the questions, test their professional direction level; language skills and professional background into account, are indispensable.
Skills Training: Translation ethics, translation translation skills, the use of translation tools, translation tools commonly used in self-test, project teamwork, translation 
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