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With the integration between Chinese and international communities, more and more China-based enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have been in need of legal support. As source documents are related to all legal aspects with inevitable nuances in legal systems, jargons and glossaries in different jurisdiction regions, requirements for translators are extremely high. 

 Features of Legal Translation:
Fairness: it is one of the basic features for legal translators, because all the content concerning legal translation needs to be tackled with justice mentality without being intentionally biased so as not to distort the original meaning of source documents. 

 Accuracy: As semantic deviation would lead to the misunderstandings to the facts, the translation of source documents are not allowed to be artistically processed, for the sake of strict faithful to the original texts.
Professionalism: Legal translators must be familiar with legal concepts under different regimes of laws, especially with provisions and terminologies in different contexts. Our legal translators are both legal and linguistic experts. 
Nanjing Runjie Technology’s Excellence in Legal Translation:  
We have built up a well-knit team for translation, proofreading and typesetting and foreign legal consulting. By virtue of SDL Trados, Nanjing Runjie Technology has built up a multilingual professional term base and terminology for legal documents. Besides, the company has also cultivated a group of experienced legal translators.
We provide the following legal translation service: regulations, contracts, documents pertaining to foreign-related legal disputes, foreign patents, litigation documents, judgment documents, court announcements, legal document delivery interpretation, court interpretation, interview interpretation and arraignment interpretation. 
Major Customers: courts, law firms, accounting firms and patent offices.

Languages: English, French, German and Spanish

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