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According to statistics, there are 3,613 pharmaceutical producers and services providers in China, which can produce nearly 1,500 kinds of chemical raw materials, with total output of 430K tons, ranking second in the world. Some pharmaceutical companies actively conduct activities in the international market and need to submit applications for new drugs and medicine imports to overseas governments as well as the reports of clinical and non-clinical tests done in foreign countries. They have a great demand for translation.
Nanjing Runjie Technology has put forward a full range of solutions. We arrange for translation of source documents of our clients with professional translators versed in both language and know-how and provide other excellent language support for the convenience of their global business expansion.
Features of Pharmaceutical Translation:
 1.  Professionalism 
With fixed special meaning in its professional sphere, the translation of medical words requires translators to be proficient in medicine and pharmaceutics.
2. Accuracy
Accuracy is one of the fundamental requirements for translation, especially for translation in medicare, which has great impact on life and safety.
Type of Source Pharmaceutical Documents
 Drug Instruction 
Medical Device Operation Manuals
Medical Software Document
Medical Papers
Drug Ads
Drug Patent Documents
FDA Material
Nanjing Runjie Technology’s Excellence in Pharmaceutical Translation:  
1. A large number of full-time translators, who are senior medical staff, or freelance translators with extensive experience in medical & pharmaceutical translation.
2. Appropriate translators arranged for each pharmaceutical translation type, to ensure timely delivery and best quality.
3. Partnership with well-known pharmaceutical companies to establish a professional multilingual glossary. 
Selected Customers in Pharmaceutical Industry 
Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, AstraZeneca, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, etc..

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