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Driven by the establishment of the “big overseas” business platform by the Chinese construction & engineering industry, China-based construction and engineering enterprises have increasingly expanded to the oversea markets. Nanjing Runjie Technology has built up a team of translators, with the expertise in construction and engineering industry by adjusting its business strategy and talent pool. 
Nanjing Runjie Technology’s Excellence in Construction and Engineering Translation:
1. A professional translation team, mainly consisting of senior professors, foreign translators, masters and PHDs of construction and engineering. 
2. By designating engineering translators to reside in foreign countries for domestic construction and engineering enterprises, we have developed a professional terminology database and accumulated a lot of on-site work experience, thus ensuring the smooth progress of our projects. 
3. A quality management system for ensurance of translation quality. We have set stringent requirements for processes involving translation, proofreading and typesetting. Besides, our translators can proficiently use CAD software for translation of construction and engineering documents.
Scope of Construction and Engineering Projects: 
Construction & Engineering, 
Railway Engineering, 
Road Engineering, 
Environmental Engineering Construction, 
Airport Engineering Construction, 
Highway & Construction Industry, 
Water Conservancy, 
Sports Venue Construction,
Tunnel and Bridge Construction, 
Power Plant & Construction Industry, 
Pier Construction Industry. 
Requirements of Construction and Engineering Translation: 
Construction and Engineering Translation requires a strict quality control system and standardized operating procedure. Meanwhile, our translators comply with the four principles as follows:  
a. Principle of consistency between targeted and source documents; 
b. Scientific and reasonable principles;
c. Professional and uniform principle of terminology and vocabulary; and
d. Strict confidentiality management system.
Major Customers: Anhui Construction Engineering Group, Jiangsu Grand Construction Group, Nantong Sijian Construction Group, Nantong Liujian Construction Group, and China Railway No.8 Engineering Group, etc..

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