Areas Strength

Being the main communication form of commercial activities, commercial documents have been widely used. We have literally translated such type of documents. Also, we also provide high-end simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting, and other services.
Nanjing Runjie Technology’s Excellence in Commerce Translation:
We do a lot of translating of finance documents almost every day upon establishment of a close cooperative relationship and communication mechanism with major banks, insurance companies, securities institutions, and listed companies. We help our customers translate overseas listing (IPO) reports, investment reports, and asset valuation and other contents.
Documents of Commerce Translation Translated by us: Email correspondence, company brochures, project research books, marketing, promotional materials, advertising slogan, various reports, memoranda, minutes of meetings, tender and bidding documents, and consultation documents.
Business document types we provide: WORD, EXCEL, PDF, PPT, INDESIGN, ACROBAT, and PAGEMAKER.
Our customers in commerce translation include: multinational corporations, foreign economy, trade, construction and engineering groups, and Ministry of Commerce
Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Italian.

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