Areas Strength

As it involves professional knowledge in legal, commercial and financial aspects, finance and economics translation is featured with strong comprehensiveness and confidentiality and big difficulty. Our translators are able to translate Finance and Economics documents at high quality, thanks to their excellent language skills and deep professional backgrounds.
Elements for Finance and Economics Translation:
Rigor: Finance and Economics Translation involves a lot of currencies, figures, and jargons. Translators need to meet strict language requirements: Conciseness in wording, thoroughness in logic, and banning using ambiguous or erroneous expressions. Otherwise, a minor error will lead to a huge loss to customers.
Confidentiality: All translators involved in Finance and Economics Translation must strictly follow professional ethics, and they should abide by confidentiality commitments for any trade secrets. Translation companies need to establish an information security and confidentiality mechanism.
Nanjing Runjie Technology’s Excellence in Finance and Economics Translation:
Nanjing Runjie Technology has set up a team of translators, proofreaders, financial consultants. They do a lot of translating of finance documents almost every day since the establishment of a close cooperative relationship and communication mechanism with major banks, insurance companies, securities institutions, and listed companies. They help our customers with a series of translation services, covering overseas listing (IPO), investment reports, and asset valuation and other contents.
Documents in Finance and Economics Translation Translated by us:
Commercial bank loans • Securities custody • Issuance and listing of government bonds • IPO prospectus • Announcements of listed companies • Asset evaluation reports • Underwriting agreements • Strategic investor agreements • Investment and financing agreements • Custodian bank recommendations • Financial reports • Financial statements • Annual Reports of listed companies securities • firms Underwriting agreements of securities companies • Distribution business of securities companies • Investment analysis of securities companies • Research and consulting • Project financing • Asset securitization • Credit rating • Financial derivatives business • Futures and options • Linkage cooperation agreements of banks and securities companies
Main Customers: State-owned banks, insurance groups, securities companies, listed companies, and government agencies, etc.
Languages: English, French, and Japanese

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