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With the pace of economic integration, more and more companies went overseas listing and financing, they not only faced with the language barrier of communication, but also need to learn off the coast of laws and regulations, business environment and other knowledge. Financial translation involves legal, business and financial aspects of professional knowledge, comprehensive, difficult and involves confidentiality, translators not only need good language skills, and requires deep professional background, otherwise it is difficult to appear Gifts .

Translate things to note:
Rigor: financial translation involves a lot of money and digital terminology, strict language requirements, wording concise, logical and easy to use can not be ambiguous or erroneous translation of words. Otherwise, minor translation errors will give the customer a huge loss.
Confidentiality: all those involved in financial translation translators should strictly observe professional ethics, involving trade secrets to abide by any promise of confidentiality, translation companies is the need to establish information security and privacy mechanisms.

Translation Translation institution in the financial advantage
Translation universities almost every day a lot of processing FINANCE document translation, our translation, proofreading, finance team of professional consultants with major banks, insurance securities, listed companies to establish a close working relationship and communication mechanisms to help our customers listed overseas IPO, investment reports, asset evaluation and a series of translation services.
FINANCE translated documents that we provide include: commercial bank lending securities depositories · · Treasury issuance and listing prospectus · · IPO listing announcement. Asset evaluation report underwriting agreement · · · strategic investor agreement custodian bank financing agreement · Recommendations · Financial Report · Financial Statements · Listed Companies Securities underwriting securities company distribution business agreement · · Securities Investment Analysis, Research consultancy · Project Finance · · asset securitization credit rating financial derivatives futures and options · business · Yinzhengtong cooperation agreement

Major customers: state-owned banks, insurance groups, securities companies, listed companies, government agencies,
Translate Common Language: English financial translation, financial translation into French, Japanese Finance Translate

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