Professional Advantage
College Translation specializes in translation services in foreign-related justice, international engineering, heavy equipment and technical manuals, etc., best servicing the world’s leading law firms, courts, banks, financial media, and multinational corporations.
Main niche fields: College Translation provides translation services of foreign-related legal documents, business exchange-related information, and technology manuals in the following industries: Electrical and electronics, automotive, heavy equipment, new energy, rail transportation, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the like. 
Multiple-language Services 
Over the past 16 years, College Translation has gained a good reputation in the industry, attracting a large number of highly qualified translators and interpreters with professional background. Currently, we can provide clients with services of the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and Italian. We have the most extensive linguist resources in the above-mentioned languages, which are also the most common languages in our daily work.  
Quality Standard
1) Basic principles of quality: All targeted documents should meet general quality standards. On the basis of understanding source documents, translators need to use standard languages to get them translated into targeted documents. Source documents with professional background shall be converted into targeted documents, with accurate expression, fluent language, accurate and standard professional terminology, so as to meet the reading habits of users or target readers. 
2) Confidentiality of business information: College Translation promises to undertake the confidentiality obligation for verbal and written secrets, and proprietary information or commercial secrets, involved in translation projects of our clients (the “Principal”). For the project translation purpose, we (the “Entrusted Party”) may obtain the following confidential information, which shall include, but not limited to, a specific detailed description, design, plan, drawings, hardware, software, data, or other commercial and technical information, and possible inference results or speculations. All the confidential information, provided in whatever form, is still properties of the Principal, providing information. 

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