Website Localization:
Website localization refers to a part or all of the site turned into a customer-specified languages, including text, animation, pictures, and maintenance of the site. Website localization is not simply translation translation, translator in the translation process to consider site for religious beliefs, customs, education customer groups, hobbies, etc. By a professional translation website after good typesetters typesetting, and finally the background art by CMS immediate release.
Website localization process:

Institution translation website localization services include:
The content is separated from the source code
Arbitrary text translated into any language
Cultural differences and adjust image localization
Website design and production
Translation and video processing
FLASH multilingual production
Multilingual CMS publishing system
Website Localization Scope: City government website, the official website of China Merchants, Economic and Trade Commission official website, the official website Development, website trade, multinational corporations and other foreign business, more trade companies.

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